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I don't blog! But I do occasionally post images and blurbs from interesting projects and travels:


Your face to the world should be a show stopper.

You need more than a standard architectural shot of your property or company headquarters to create a lasting impression. A WOWexterior is the signature image essential to help successfully market the character of your organization. Your building's exterior facade, like your logo and branding, is your face to the world.

Jeff has developed this specialty over 25 years photographing casino-resort properties of all types. His process brings together the art of capture and control of light, with a proprietary post production process that results in a distinctive final image with extraordinary impact. Jeff's technique can be even more beneficial to properties challenged by obstructed views or less-than-ideal layouts.


Sample Galleries (more than an online portfolio)

Portfolios are often like resumes; overly embellished and not based in reality. The purpose of this collection is to show not only award winning picks but also to share ideas and real work examples that have produced tangible results for clients. A mixture of original images and finished layouts are included.

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